Saturday, July 27, 2013

SnapShots of July13' Bermuda Trip

Here's is some snap shots of my recent trip to Bermuda. For those who know, I visit my home in Bermuda multiple times a year to see my grandmother and other family members. I also love to keep in touch with my roots and where I was raised. If you enjoyed these photos, there are more on twitter and instagram!

The plane has arrived
Waiting to Board
Home at last as built by my Pa
One of my necessities, Around de World and Ginger Beer soda
The Gombeys, Traditional Bermudian dancers

 Time for fun in the sun

My beautiful cousin and I

"Thank you Lord for Bermuda"

Club time!

Partying like a Bermudian!


 Quality time with my Ma
What more could a girl ask for! I had a blast like always. Stay tuned for the next trip...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Louis Vuitton Haul #2

(Photo retrieved from here)

Speedy 30 in Damier Azur canvas Width x Height x Depth (11.8 x 8.3 x 6.73in)
·                     Secured main brass zipper closure with a large brass zipper handle.
                       --  I love the safety of my contents with this kind of zipper. The quality is so top notch I know it will last me years to come no matter how much or how rough I slide the purse open and close. The bright gold color also accents the purse as a whole.
·                     Shiny rectangular golden brass pieces which accents the purse handle.
                -  I think these ornaments not only accentuates this timeless handbag but also gives me a sense of security that the strap can withstand any amount of weight.
·                     Engraved golden hooks secures handle and brass plates.
                - I love these circular hooks and how it rotates smoothly with every movement of the strap on my shoulder.
·                     Smooth leather trimmings throughout the handle.
                - The leather reinforces the handbag and makes this bag unique. Patina is what happens when the leather changes color due to exposure of sunlight and various chemicals in the air. This aging not only further makes a Louis Vuitton even more gorgeous but also more valuable.
·                      Golden brass lock and key for added protection.
·                     Beige brown microfiber lining.
·                     1 small Interior pocket.
·                     D-ring.

Damier Azur Mini Pochette Accessory WidthxHeightxDepth (5.5 x 3.5 x .8in)
·                     1 golden brass zipper closure.
·                     Golden metallic brass ornaments with gold chain.
·                     Uses include: Removable compartment for handbags, wristlet purse, cell phone case, or mini wallet.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

People Can't Change?

Once an individual adopt certain behaviors in a habitual cycle, it usually hard for them to alter the pattern of reprise. The event of adoption is usually applied instantly at a significant moment in time without a notion of addiction. However, when the tides are turned the process to ultimately halt the behavior consists of five stages of change:  precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance (Carter 2012). The sheer realization of this process creates a sense of impracticality in anyone for any habit. Habits I speak of not only include substance abuses, but also certain personality traits, relationship patterns, and even speech models. Alternatives appear skewed and hard to obtain; relapses are common and daunting; and as individual’s age, these habits get more attached to their host. I speak of these statistics to reveal my own person truths. Through my tumultuous upbringings especially with the harsh influences of my absent father, I was taught early on that people can’t change. Psychologists even declare change is one of the hardest things anyone can do and is only successful when rooted in self-motivation. However, I have learned that most people simply do not care to change.

Due to events such as portrayed in Loved and Lost, I never thought I would meet anyone who is a formidable exemption to the rule that “People can’t change”- nevertheless, I did. In fact, I met them more than once. To elaborate, once I leave someone in my past, I effortlessly leave them there. Therefore, I was taken aback to be reintroduced to such an individual. He reestablished himself as someone completely different from the time I left him over 7 years ago. Greeted with an apology for the hurts he contributed in my life previously, he warmed my heart with hope. The hope of a new insight, that with God as their present help in time and with the devotion to match, anyone can change with additional positive thinking and the willingness to change. I never wanted to get reacquainted with this person yet, now he has graduated into a friend. I write these revelations not as a testament to affirm holding on to an individual with negative habits but to let them go with the prayer that they will change and maybe one day they will surprise you and if not its solely for the best. 

Dr. Sherry Bourg Carter Psychology Today Article

Friday, July 12, 2013

15 Random Facts about ME!

1.            I absolutely love hamburgers and French fries.
2.            I love listening to Christmas songs all year round!
3.            I’m 26 years old but I get mistaken for a teenager often.
4.            I’m socially awkward and shy!
5.            I’m 5’7’’.
6.            I’m so organized and regimented that I give myself a bed time which is 10pm.
7.            My favorite drink is Pierre sparkling water.
8.            I love to sing even though I’m not very good at it.
9.            I feel like I’m in a constant battle with making God my priority because life is hectic and I forget.
10.          I just gained enough confidence this year to wear high heels!
11.          My sister is my best friend.
12.          I hate the words “scrumptious” and “panties”. Ew I just hate how those words sound.
13.          I’m an intelligent professional with multiple degrees yet I still use words like “inna”, “dookie-butt”,    
               and “ratchet”.
14.          My key phrases are "Lawd", “Lord have mercy”, “Oh my goodness”, and “Are you serious”.
15.          My favorite singer is Phil Collins.

If you enjoyed this list, speak up and let me know and I’ll give you more random facts about me!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear Vonnie Question 3

Dear Vonnie: How do you get over a breakup? –Anonymous

This is an awesome question. A breakup is not easy for anyone so, here are my personal dos and don’ts of dealing with a break up.

  1. Never attempt a one night stand. I don’t care who doesn’t agree “hitting it then quitting it” makes things worse- it’s like rubbing salt on a fresh wound. Sex was designed for marriage and reproduction but also there is a soul exchange during the process whether you are religious or not. During this bonding experience guards are unknowingly let down and all forms of emotions will be heightened and if you just cut ties with a loved one of course the result would be an elevated reminder of that loss.  Instead, distract yourself by staying busy. If you remember how you use to say you would get another degree but was sidetracked with that relationship like I was- it is the perfect time to seek more education. Reconnect with friends and family through various forms of activities. Take a trip, volunteer, and try new things- just stay busy.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up. Do let our all the hurt, pain, frustrations, and fears the old fashion way-yell, scream, punch your pillow, cry, listen to sappy music, or exercise. Do something that is crazy in a safe way like curl up in a ball or hide in your closet- when the episode is over you would reflect on those actions and realize how silly your reacting. And, there’s nothing more cleansing than letting go of the burdens that will come along with a break-up by letting it all out.
  3. Never become obsessive and try to keep in touch with what your ex is doing through friends, family, or even social media. Suspend your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts for a while. Go on a hiatus and make sure you get rid of all objects that may remind you of that person. Cut all ties with the ex completely or you will regret it! Invest in some counseling, it feels a lot better when you can spill your guts out to someone who doesn’t know you or know your situation personally.
  4. Don’t become negative or feel obsolete it could lead to attempting to numb the pain with reckless behavior. Since you survived this relationship, your alive for a purpose- remind yourself of that fact by starting a journal. Write down the things that you are thankful in your life then, list things that you love about yourself. Additionally, formulate a list of goals or a bucket list. Keep up with how you’re doing and leave it all on paper. This would help you reevaluate your life and get you excited for the future. Then, maybe you’ll find a new hobby or aspiration.
  5. Finally, never become irate and rant or rave about what this person has done! It will make you feel worse and it’ll be quite awkward if you end up reconnecting with this person. Instead, remind people around you that you are going through a hard time and that you will discuss it when you’re ready. Furthermore, devote time to yourself. Take long walks alone; take yourself out on a date or shopping trip. Do things that make you feel happy and spoiled- remind yourself of how great being single could be.

Remember everything gets easier with time so allow yourself to have that time. Time not only helps you to heal but also grants you wisdom on how to approach your next relationship and how this experience will benefit you in the long run. Good luck and stay strong!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hair: Wash and Go Routine

        Individuals have been hounding me lately to talk about hair a bit more- well more specifically what I do with my hair. I get constant compliments about my hair and questions about how I wash, condition, and style my hair. This will be the first post of many (hopefully) on the fundamentals of my hair specifically. Now keep in mind, everyone’s hair is different and the certain products and techniques that I use may give others a different result. I’m only an “expert” on my hair texture so, anyone who has similar curls to mine hopefully it will help you. Additionally, my mother is Bermudian and has Caucasians on her side and my hair seems to reflect that heritage which is crazy because my sister’s hair mimics my father’s side of the family (her hair is very thick, coarse, and kinky). I say that to say this: my hair is not thick at all or coarse it’s a tad thin and more wavy/curly than curly/kinky as for what’s my curl pattern- I have no idea, maybe one of my readers can pin point its criteria. I will get more in-depth later about my hair texture and my natural journey so, for right now I will be listing my product staples upon which I always use and has given me optimum health and stylization for my locks.

I DO NOT shampoo my hair anymore. I noticed while I was relaxing my hair, it would not contain moisture well and once I went natural it was doing the same thing. Though, with natural hair, dryness appears more noticeable and made my hair tangle and unruly at times. My mother has a wavy curl pattern (her hair also looks and feels like a coarse white person’s hair) she told me she never shampooed her hair -she always co-washed it. I later researched that most natural girls did the same thing. Thus, once I started only co-washing my hair my scalp and tresses was no longer dry nor would it tangle easily. So my go to co-washing product is the HERBAL ESSENCE TOTALLY TWISTED CONDITIONER. This conditioner smells so heavenly and it’s so moisturizing. It contains silk, wild cherry and orchid extract which helps with growth, strength, and detangling. This conditioner was specifically made for curls and includes an all-day humidity control (I never had an issue with frizz so maybe it works!). I live for this stuff which makes it my number one conditioner aside from TRESSEME NATURALS CONDITIONER. Nevertheless, Tresseme doesn’t make my locks melt in my hands and be seriously touchably soft.

Deep Conditioner/ Deep Treatment
The deep conditioner I use is the MIXED CHICKS DEEP CONDITIONER. This conditioner is thick and the smell is pleasing. The reason why I like this conditioner so much is the awesome ingredients. It contains safflower seed oil which penetrates the hair shaft to promote softness and moisture. I usually apply the conditioner to wet hair and use it to detangle my curls. After I detangle and pull it up to a top knot on my head and I sit under the HEAUTIFUL HAIR STEAMER for 15 minutes. Instead of just filling up my hair steamer with water I put a few drops of pure AVOCADO OIL in there, as well. My hair seems to love avocado oil much more than jojoba oil. If I think my hair needs extra moisture from a time I straightened my hair or neglected it for a couple of weeks I will add SHEA MOISTURE DEEP CONDITIONER to my hair but only a little ON MY ENDS- too much gives me a headache especially when applied to my scalp (I’m still trying to figure out if I’m allergic to it or if the fragrance is too much). If I’m out of the Shea moisture deep conditioner I will just do another 15 minutes under the hair steamer with just the mixed chicks on my hair. One I’m done steaming I rinse out the conditioner and leave about 20% in my hair to aid with detangling, styling, and to keep my hair soft.

I always have a water bottle filled with water and with a couple of drops of avocado oil. I use this to refresh my curls and to style when needed. I never style my hair without it being at least damp throughout (from scalp to the ends).

Leave-In Conditioner
I flip flop between KNOT TODAY and MIXED CHICKS leave-in conditioners. I do this because I love the ingredients in Knot today however it is not moisturizing enough for me. Knot today contains plenty of organic ingredients including mango fruit extract, slippery elm, marshmallow root, and lemongrass.  I love Mixed Chicks leave-in because it is moisturizing however, sometimes it’s too heavy. Mixed Chicks leave-in has hydrolyzed wheat protein which adds strength and shine to the hair, jojoba oil, safflower oil, primrose oil, and wheat amino acids for promoting healthy long hair. Additionally, both products don’t play well with other products. But Knot Today and Mixed Chicks leave in conditioners work well with the curling custard. But Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner doesn’t play well with the ecostyler gel so I would use the knot today before using that type of gel. Though, if I need that heavy moisturizing consistency I would use very little mixed chicks leave-in on my ends and make sure there is NO avocado oil in my spray bottle of water. (When I say it does not play well, I mean you will be left with white residue on your hair that will only go away with another wash). But I keep them both on me always. I apply the leave in to my hair generously and use it to detangle my hair before styling. I try not to put too much for fear of product buildup.

I keep ECOSTYLER GEL (Olive Oil or Protein) and KINKY CURLY CURLING CUSTARD in my arsenal. My all-time favorite hair gel is the Ecostyler gel for the sole purpose that it elongates my curls a lot more than the curling custard and it also does not make my hair frizzy if I touch it or pull at it throughout the day. I love how it cases my curls in a shiny shell yet it doesn’t make it incredibly hard. Ecostyler Gel main ingredients is as follows hydrolyzed wheat protein, tea tree oil, and chamomile. I like the curling custard too but not as much because of the white residue on my shoulders from my hair and I don’t like the sticky consistency. It also creates product buildup fast. The curling custard has horsetail, chamomile, nettle, marshmallow, vitamin e, aloe vera, and agave nectar extract within their ingredients list. I usually section my hair in small sections and apply the gel to my hair very generously and detangle with my fingers only and then let it air dry (I NEVER COMB OR BRUSH MY HAIR).

And that’s it! The longest my curls kept intact (as in perfectly tamed) has been 3 weeks without a wash. And I style my hair excessively, sometimes wearing two different styles every day (up-dos, half up half down, buns, etc) However, I usually wash my hair every weekend because I like my scalp feeling fresh. Below is my quick youtube video of this process (to be posted soon), hope you enjoyed this information. If you have any questions or concerns email me!

Straightening routine here.
Transitioning tips here.